Change in our World, Inc

About Us

We are Rebecca and Jeffrey Brendle, with our son Jeremiah (who I am sure will be running around when you come to visit!). We are the Founders and Officers of Change in our World, Inc, which works with young people to bring awareness to the importance of life and the real issue of suicide. Did you know Union County is the 3rd highest suicide rate in GA? That's crazy! So we seek to bring awareness to that, and prevent suicide through awareness, socialization, and education.

We have hosted many events for our community through Change in our World, Inc, such as the Blairsville Corn Maze, a Community Christmas, Mommy and Me's, New Year's Eve Celebration, You Matter Conference, and more. We also participate in community functions like the Fairgrounds Christmas Lights, Halloween on the Square, craft shows, etc. We love our community! Born and raised right here in the town we love 

We met in high school in the Union Country Pride of the Mountains High School band. A clarinet player and trombone player, freshman and a junior... two youngins who had no idea what was in store for them.

Here we are 12 years later, raising our faith baby who took 6 years to get here, running our ministry, working as a mechanic, and spreading the REAL love of Jesus wherever and whenever we can. The older we get, the more we realize how important it is to love unconditionally, and that's how we have been blessed to work with so many teens who still keep up with us after graduation.

We have a dream of employing teens and working with them in their first jobs. We have a dream for a youth facility. We have a dream of teaching moms how to homeschool and working with youth through learning and development BEFORE they face peer pressures and crisis.

We so look forward to serving you and appreciate your patience as we get this thing off the ground and in the air!!

Check out our ministry websites for Change and Voice Radio