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    $5 Mini Golf
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    Locally owned and operated by
    Jeffrey and Rebecca Brendle

    $5 Mini Golf
    2 years old and under free

    Mayfield Ice Cream

    Single Scoop: $2

    Double Scoop: $3.50

    Each Additional Scoop: $1.50


    Waffle Cone: $5

    Sugar Cone: $4

    Cake Cone: $3


    Basic Milkshakes: $5
    Special Milkshakes: $6

    Kids: $3

    Soda Floats: $4

    per 2 Toppings: $0.50

    Flavors and toppings vary based on availability

    Special Creations!!


    Banana Split

    Coffee Delight Milkshake

    Butterfinger Milkshake


    Brownie Sundae


    Hot Fudge Sundae


    Cinnamon Toast Crunch Milkshake


    Fruity Pebbles Strawberry Milkshake


    Strawberry Soda Float

    A&W Rootbeer Float